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Check back for more information soon!

To Whom It May Concern:

Capital City Dance Center is closing its doors and will be holding a sale of all equipment and property located at 2962 99th Street in Urbandale on Friday, September 1st , from 6-to-8pm and Saturday, September 2nd, from 3:30-to-5:30pm or until all items are sold.

Among the items available for purchase, as is where is, include:

  • Two separate Marley-type controlled-slip dance surfaces suitable for ballet, pointe, modern, tap and contemporary dance. Also, available the sub-floor system required to fully suspend the dance floor from a concrete base. (Must be removed by the buyer by September 9th)
  • Two sound systems complete with speakers, amps, a CD player, electronic interface patches for MP3 players and all required wiring.
  • Portable and permanent ballet barres
  • Office equipment and cleaning supplie
  • Various costumes, props and window treatments
All items will be sold for cash or check only, as is where is, with no expressed or implied warranty.

For more information, email Info@GoCCDC.Com.

Please pass the word to any interested parties and thank you for your support.


Emery and Melissa Uyehara
Capital City Dance Center

12.15.2017: Innocents Abroad

"Hey J-----!

I was watching PBS the other day and it had a travel documentary on visiting Paris and I thought of you!o) What an exciting adventure youíre on! Iím extremely jealous, but, proud of you for getting out of your comfort zone and exploring this great big world!

As for us, weíve FINALLY moved into our lakeside home in northwest Arkansas after two months of waiting for remodeling to get done. And, itís STILL NOT DONE! But, Missy has done an amazing job decorating and itís starting to feel like home. Soon as we get the plumbing problems fixed, itíll be even better.

Iíve started teaching at a small studio in a nearby town called the ________________. I do a little workshop for their teachers and advanced dancers and I teach their boys and teach an intermediate ballet class. Only four classes a week right now, but, thatís expected to go up next semester after the new year.

I spent my first month trying out a hot yoga studio, which I enjoyed. But, then, I found a small ballet company that had class every weekday and started going there. I offered to teach for that company and school, but, they didnít seem too interested. After a while, paying $15 a class didnít make sense since I get paid to teach and take class at this other place.

I havenít really taken advantage of living lakeside yet. The plan is to buy a kayak or stand-up paddle board or paddle boat and use the lake to recreate and exercise. We have installed a small dance studio in our walk-out basement. We installed a triple-weave sub-floor and put our performance Marley on top. Weíre getting bids on installing mirrors on two walls now.

Missy also bought a pool table from the old owners and gifted it to me. Iím starting to get my groove back with the cue stick. I used to play a lot when I was back in the company. Need to get back good enough to give my brother-in-law a run for his money.

But, enough about us! What about you? Is there an Instagram page or FaceBook page that we could see some pix of you in the City of Lights? Whatís been the hardest thing to adjust to in France? What do you miss about the U-S besides family? What do you love the most about being in Paris besides being in Paris? How is being an au pair? What sights have you seen and what are you planning on seeing? Are you fluent in French now? Are the French boys everything you hoped theyíd be?

Miss you! Write when you can!

Love ya!

Unauthorized reproduction not permitted.