CCDC Policies

Insufficient Enrollment
Weather Cancellations
Student Placement
Food and Drink
What to Wear


CCDC Tuition, $45 per family recital fee and annual $20 registration fee are due in full with registration application. You may pay tuition in one lump sum at the beginning of the school year or you can pay in three equal payments due at the first class of the school year, December 1st and March 1st. All payments must be received before the first day of classes. Students may not participate in class otherwise. Please leave checks in locked payment box in lobby if no one is in the CCDC business office.

$20.00 late fee will be charged on the tenth of the month on ANY account with balance due. A $25.00 charge will be added to all checks written on nonsufficient funds. Annual recital fee of $45.00 per family will be due with the registration unless written notice of nonparticipation in the annual recital is received. Seperate costume fees will also be due in February unless written notice of nonparticipation is submitted. Costume fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Payment by credit or debit cards is not possible at this time. Families with more than one dancer enrolled in the school are eligible for a family discount by request.

Unless a withdrawal form is received by the tenth of the month, you are required to pay tuition for the month. If you do withdraw, then your place in class will not be guaranteed. Medical exceptions or family emergencies will be considered on a case by case basis.


CCDC $20.00 annual registration fee is nonrefundable and not applicable towards tuition. No refunds will be given past the tenth of the months in which tuition is due. Medical exceptions or family emergencies will be considered on a case by case basis.


CCDC reserves the right to cancel any class due to lack of adequate enrollment. CCDC will make every effort to place students in other sections if classes are cancelled for any reason.


CCDC will cancel classes whenever Urbandale Public Schools close due to inclement weather. Weather cancellations will be tweeted (@SirDanGuy), posted on the FaceBook page and on the GoCCDC.Com website home and "News and Notes" page. Check with your teachers to find out how to make up any missed CCDC classes.


CCDC placement classes take place the first day of each session to determine the technical level of new students. Final level placement decisions will be made by CCDC faculty with the best interests of the dancer in mind. Keep in mind, it's usually better to promote a dancer...than the reverse.


Dancers must be in class in order to learn. If you must miss a class, please check with CCDC faculty to find out how to make up the class. As a courtesy to your teachers and fellow dancers, please notify the office in advance if you know when you're going to be missing classes or rehearsals.


First aid supplies, ice or cold packs for injuries can be obtained at the CCDC business office.

Students should wait inside the building for their rides. At least one teacher will remain until the last student is picked up. Students should be discouraged from ever leaving the building in just leotards and tights.

Drivers should be extra careful in the parking lot and near CCDC and other dance studios. Watch out for kids running into traffic.

Personal hygiene is very important. Please use deodorants and wear clean dance clothes. Please keep skin moisturizer, baby powder and hair gel use to a minimum to help keep the dance surface from getting slippery. Bring a yoga or Pilates-type floor mat or beach towel for body-conditioning classes.


Please leave all valuables at home. Please mark all danceware items with your dancer's name. Check for lost and found items in the CCDC lobby or at the business office. Unclaimed, unmarked items will be given to charity after a month. Food and beverages (except water) are strictly forbidden in studios. No smoking or alcoholic beverages anywhere in the building. Help keep the dressing rooms, bathrooms and studios clean and neat.


All CCDC teachers want to see clear/clean lines in technique classes. Please do not wear sweatshirts, baggy t-shirts, leg warmers or bulky warm-ups in class. Dance skirts only in advanced pointe class or rehearsals with CCDC instructor's permission. Non-dress-code colored leotards only on special occasions. All CCDC studios are air-conditioned; however, Iowa's summers can get very hot and humid. Please consider bringing enough dance attire to change between classes.


Class color leotard (Pink for Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet. Black for all other ballet classes), pink footed or convertible tights, pink ballet shoes/pointe shoes. Mandatory hair in bun for ballet classes from Ballet IV on.

Grey or black tights/bike shorts, white t-shirt, white/black ballet shoes and
dance belt. Black pointe shoes if en pointe. Long hair must be pulled back and secured.


Unitards (preferably solid colored), colored leotards and tights with bare feet or convertible tights. Shorts, capris or yoga-type pants will also be allowed. Long hair in bun or pulled back and secured.


Tap shoes, unitards or leotards and tights, shorts and/or jazz pants. Capris or yoga-type pants will also be allowed. Long hair in bun or pulled back and secured.


Jazz shoes, ballet slippers or indoor sneakers. Tights, leotards, shorts or jazz pants. Capris or yoga-type pants will also be allowed. Long hair in bun or pulled back and secured.

Highland Dancing

Beginners can wear shorts, t-shirt and socks. As the dancer progresses, a pair of ghillies (highland dance shoes) are needed. In order to perform, a beginner will need a beginnerís kilt (about the cost of a ballet costume), a white shirt and knee socks. This costume may be worn repeatedly, and when the dancer outgrows it, it can usually be sold to another dancer.