CCDC Summer Dance Classes

Summer can be an exciting time for you and your family: vacations, road trips, overnighters, camping…and, even, just lazing around on those golden days with nowhere to go and nothing to do but making memories. But, the faculty at Capital City Dance Center wants to remind you to make sure to make time for dance this summer!

The Russians have a saying: for every day a dancer doesn’t dance, that’s another day that has to be made up. So, for example, if you miss a week’s worth of classes, it’ll take a week to get back to where you left off. Now, imagine not dancing for THREE months! If you apply the Russian rule of thumb, it takes three months (if not longer!) to get back to the same level of dancing. Meanwhile, the students who keep training over the summer never stop getting better. The faculty sees it every year: dancers who take classes over the summer often can grand jete’ past students who take all that time off!

And, there are several opportunities to keep dancing this summer at CCDC…and you can mix and match to fit your schedule! The CCDC Summer Intensive offers three levels of Ballet, Pointe and contemporary dance for half-days or all day for two weeks in June. Then, the CCDC Summer Workshop Series pick up after the Intensive and continues into August. Remember: Nutcracker Auditions can take place as early as late August.

Don’t get us wrong! CCDC encourages family time and family vacations. It’s a great time for kids to be kids and for families to rediscover each other without academic pressures! Just don’t forget: Make sure to make time to dance at CCDC this summer!

2017 Summer Registration Form
Summer Intensive: June 5 - June 16
Workshop: June 19 - July 25
June 19 - July 25 Tuition Rates

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