CCDC Open Division Tuition Table (2016-2017)

Tuition Per Trimester (per student)
Tuition is due on the first class of the school year, December first, and March first.

Number of Classes Level A ClassesLevel B & C Classes
(per week)Fee + Sales Tax Fee + Sales Tax
1 $90.00 $120.00
2 $120.00 $210.00
3 $165.00 $315.00
4 $210.00 $390.00
5 $255.00 $450.00
6 $315.00 $540.00
Unlimited $330.00 $555.00

Class Card
One Class $15.00
Five Classes $70.00
Ten Classes $130.00
*Level A students taking Highland, Pilates, and/or Musical Theater must use the level B tuition table for payment on these classes, unless adding any of these classes brings them into the unlimited amount of level A's table.

There will be a $20.00 late fee charged on the 10th of the month to any account with a balance due. A $25.00 charge will be added to all checks written on insufficient funds.

Statements will only be sent when payment is overdue

10% discount for youngest student in families with multiple students…all you have to do is ask :o)

No refunds given past the 10th of the months in which tuition is due.

CCDC accepts Cash or Check for payment.